DPRC Hospital Dhaka Doctor List

 Address: 12/1 Ring Road, Shaymoli, Dhaka-1207

 Web: www.dprcbd.com

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 DPRC Hospital Dhaka Doctor List

 Dr. MS Zahirul Haque Chowdhury

 MBBS, BCS (Health), CCD (Diabetes) MACP (Medicine, USA), MD (Neuro-Medicine),

 Medicine, Diabetes and Neuro-Medicine Specialist,

 Assistant Professor

 National Institute of Neuroscience and Hospital

 Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka.

 Meeting time: 4.30 pm - 6 pm (closed Thursday and Friday)

 Dr. MM Jalal Uddin

 MBBS, FCPS (Psychiatry)

 Specialists in mental illness, drug addiction, epilepsy and headaches

 Assistant Professor (Psychiatry)

 National Institute of Neuroscience and Hospital

 Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207

 Appointment time: 8pm - 10pm (Saturday to Wednesday)

 Dr. Mehdi Hasan (Shawn)

 MBBS, BCS (Health)

 Experienced in cardiovascular disease

 National Heart Institute and Hospital

 Meeting time: 6pm - 8pm (Sat to Wednesday)

 Dr. Md. Shahed Ashraf

 MBBS (CU), BCS (Health) MD,

 Hepatology / Liver Disease (BSMMU) Medicine,

 Liver and digestive specialist

 Assistant Professor, Department of Liver

 Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital

 Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207

 Dr. S. N. Nag

 MBBS (Dhaka), MICS, MS (Urology)

 Physician for kidney, bladder, prostate gland and male sexually transmitted diseases

 Post Graduate Training - General Urology, Female Urology,

 Pediatric Urology, Andrology and Transplant Urology

 (National Kidney and Urology Hospital, Dhaka)

 Specially trained in the treatment of kidney, bladder, prostate cancer

 (National Cancer Hospital, Dhaka)

 Specialized in Stonecrash Surgery

 Meeting time: 5pm - 8pm (closed on Fridays and public holidays)

 Dr. Uma Nag (Shampa)

 MBBS (Dhaka), DGO, MCPS (Gaini & Abs), FCPS (Gaini & Abs)

 Gynecologist, obstetrician and surgeon

 Post Graduate Expert in Gynecology and Obstetrics

 Dhaka Medical College Hospital and

 Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka.

 Laparoscopic procedures are used to treat uterine tumors, including the removal of uterine tumors.

 Appointment time: 5pm to 6pm (Sat, Mon, Wednesday)

 DPRC Hospital Dhaka

 Dr. Mahbub Alam Majumder

 MBBS (Dhaka), FCPS (Medicine), MD (Kidney Disease)

 Medicine and Kidney Specialist

 Assistant Professor

 Consultant Medicine

 Meeting time: 6pm - 9pm (Sun, Tue, Thu)

 Dr. AK Al Miraj

 MBBS, MPH, DU, Research Assistant

 Department of Vascular Surgery: BSMMU

 Consultant sonologist

 Color Doppler Study Specialist

 Dr. A, K, M Sujaur Rahman


 Trained in Assisted Reproductive Technology (Infertility)

 Public health specialist

 Experienced in medicine, skin and sexually transmitted diseases, infertility diseases

 Specialist sonologist

 Consultant, DPRC Hospital Ltd.

 Appointment time: 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm (closed on Fridays)

 Dr. Mohammad Ali

 MBBS  (Dhaka), M.D.  (Internal Medicine)

 Specialist in medicine, rheumatism and chest disease

 Consultant DPRC Hospital Ltd.

 Appointment time: 5pm - 9pm (closed on Fridays)


 Dr. Nusrat Jahan

 MBBS, FCPS (Gynecology & Obs)

 Friendship Training (India)

 Laparoscopic surgeon

 Associate Professor

 Delta Medical College and Hospital

 Appointment time: 6pm to 8pm (closed on Fridays)

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 Dr. Md. AB Siddique

 MBBS (DMC), BCS (Health), MD (Gastroenterology)

 Liver, Gastroenterology, Diabetes, Medicine Specialist

 Consultant, Gastroenterology

 Appointment time: 5pm to 6pm (closed on Fridays and public holidays)

 Dr. Arabi bint Azad



 Outdoor Medical Officer

 DPRC Hospital & Diagnostic Lab Ltd.

 Appointment time: 10am to 2pm, 6pm to 8pm (closed on Fridays)

 Dr.  Md.  Shafiullah Prodhan

 PhD, MS (Disability & Rehab, Course) MD (Physio), BSPT (DU) NITOR

 Special training in Sports Medicine & Ortho Medicine,

 Lecturer, Bangladesh Medical College & Hospital (ex),

 Asst.  Professor, International Institute of Health Science-IIHS (ex),

 Vice President, Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association (BPA),

 Chairman & Chief Consultant, DPRC Hospital Dhaka Ltd

 Dr.  MD.  Rahmat Ullah (Shuvo)

 M.B.B.S (China)

 General Practitioner & Consultant

 DPRC Hospital Dhaka & Diagnostic Lab Ltd.

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